Introduction to First Grade Math Learning Time

-Common Core Math CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.1.MD.B.3

First Grade Math Learning Time covers an abstract concept.  I wanted represent time visually using images which are both meaningful and memorable.  I created a Learning Time with the Meow Family Game to help kids understand something the intangible topic of time.


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Materials List for First Grade Math Learning Time

First Grade Learning Time lesson
sidewalk chalk

Step 1: Sign up to receive the Learning Time with the Meow Family Game, discuss what fraction of time each family member represents

First, we went over what fraction of time each of the members of the Meow Family represented.  Jack recently got his first watch. We used the watch to show what the second, minute, and hour kitties represented.  We talked about how the hands on the clock move around the entire circle two times in a day and the morning is AM and the afternoon is PM.


In these next two videos, we take a look at the members of the Meow Family and what each represents.

When we finished reviewing the images, I put them all out on the table so Jack could see they increased in size until you reached a year.


Step 2: Cut out the members of the Meow Family to make them into game pieces, use the game pieces to answer questions

We cut out each image and put them in piles to play the game.  I wrote 10 questions for Jack to answer using the game pieces.


IMG_1131  IMG_1132

One of his questions was, “how many months until Jack’s Birthday?”  Here is a video of him answering the question.

You can personalize these questions as we did here to fit with what is going on in your life at the time you are playing the game.

In this video, Jack had to answer how many hours it would be until dinner time.  We used Jack’s watch to remind him that counting on a clock is different than counting in general.  He had to look on his watch and see that 13 does not come after 12 on a clock.

For this question, Jack had to answer how many minutes it would be until lunchtime.

Finally, in this last Learning Time with the Meow Family video, Jack was getting tired.  I recognized that it was time for a break (I also recognized that his feet needed to be cleaned from running around outside on the patio!).

Step 3: Download the First Grade Learning Time lesson and complete the worksheets

Here are two sample worksheets from our First Grade Learning Time lesson:


Step 4: Complete the First Grade Math Learning Time project by observing how your shadow changes throughout the day

In this hands-on project about shadows, we observed how our shadows change throughout the day.  We also discussed why our shadows changed direction.

One thing you have to do before completing this project is be sure that you have enough room on both the east and west side of you so you can trace your shadow as it changes direction throughout the day.

Around 9 am, we headed out to our patio and we started by tracing our feet with sidewalk chalk.

Jack traced my shadow from my head to my toes so we could remember how long our shadow was at 9 am.
learning time shadows 12learning time shadows 13

When we came back out again around noon and stood in the same spot, we saw that our shadows had significantly decreased in size!

learning time shadows 16

learning time shadows 17


At around 6 pm, we found out that our patio was not big enough to measure our shadow to the east. Also our house was now blocking the sun to the west!

So we improvised and went out to trace our shadow in the front yard.

Look at how long our shadow was now!!!

learning time shadows 24

Jack just started spinning on his own and said he was the Earth.  I thought that was a great time to explain to him that the sun is not actually moving across the sky but the Earth is spinning.  In this first video he spins a bit too much and in the second one he settles down a bit and really gets to see how the sun is sometimes at his back and sometimes at his front as he spins like the Earth.  This shows why we have day and night and why the sun looks like it moves across the sky.


Step 5: Complete the assessment in our First Grade Learning Time lesson

Here are two sample assessment pages from our First Grade Learning Time lesson: