First Grade Science Waves of Light and Sound

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Introduction to First Grade Physical Science Waves of Light and Sound

-Next Generation Science Standards* 1-PS4-1, 1-PS4-2, and 1-PS4-3


This lesson on waves of light and sound is a First Grade Physical Science lesson. We began by learning about how light and sound travel and how our eyes and ears work.

You can get our full lesson for this project including worksheets, a lesson plan, and assessment from Teachers Pay Teachers.

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Materials List for First Grade Physical Science Waves

-Digital camera
Plastic cup
Dental floss
Wax paper
-Thick piece of cloth or cardboard

-For the stage:
Cardboard or plastic box, tapeglue, general art supplies, straws and yarn for wires and microphones, markers, foil for effects, etc. Small teddy bears to set up on the stage.

-For the lights:
Flashlights, lamps, laser pointers

-For the instruments:
Guitar and mandolin- tissue box, varying sizes of rubber bands, ruler or paint stick, tape
Harmonica-plastic comb, wax paper, scissors
Banjo- rubber bands of varying sizes, thick paper plates, ruler or paint stick, tape
Fiddle and double bass- cardboard, paint sticks, rubber bands, pencil

-Miscellaneous- tape, glue, general art supplies, straws, markers, duct tape, hot glue gun (for adults only!)

Step 1: Download the First Grade Physical Science Bundle and complete the worksheets

Here is a sample worksheet from our lesson:

Waves_sound_light3 jamboree3

Step 2: Complete the activities in the Waves of Light and Sound lesson

We used a cell phone to take video of how waves move using a Slinky.

Here are the sound waves:

Here are the light waves:

Step 3: Complete the other activities in the Waves of Light and Sound lesson

Before moving on to the Bluegrass Bears Jamboree, complete the rest of the waves of light and sound lessons as well as the assessment.  Here is a snip of the lesson plan:


Step 4: Complete the Bluegrass Bears Design Challenge

This design challenge allows for application of the light and wound waves concepts from the first lesson.  The objective is to set up the lighting for a stage during a concert and produce instruments that vibrate to produce sound.


bears6 bears8

bears4 bears7

Step 5: Complete the assessment from the First Grade Bluegrass Bears Jamboree lesson

The assessment for this lesson is an Appalacian Idol Tryout where the students have to answer questions about how they set up the lights and instruments to see if they can move on to the next tryout level!



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*”Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of this product, and do not endorse it.”

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