Introduction to Kindergarten Addition and Subtraction

-Common Core Math CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.K.OA.A.1

I love to run and I often take the kids with me in the jogging stroller.  One of the things we do is practice Kindergarten Addition and Subtraction using the distances we ran that day.   I used the distance we covered to teach Jack about counting backwards, fractions, and how long a mile is.

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One of the best things I ever purchased for babies/kids was my BOB jogging stroller.  Even if you don’t jog, this thing is sweet, it has shocks! It’s very similar to my mountain bike actually.  Once Lila was born, we purchased a double BOB jogging stroller so I could run with both kids.

Materials List for Kindergarten Addition and Subtraction

BOB jogging stroller (optional)
-a device/app to measure distance
Running with Math FREE 35-page lesson

Step 1: Download and complete the worksheets from the Kindergarten Addition and Subtraction  Moving with Math lesson

Here is a sample thumbnail from the worksheets:


Step 2: Decide how you will measure distance, you could run, walk, bike, etc.,  then set your distance, which should be at least 2 miles, any less, and you would have to start with fractions, finally, represent your distance by giving the same amount of Cheerios to the child

If we are running 3 miles, we start with the same amount of Cheerios.

Step 3: After completing a certain amount of your distance, one mile for example, have the child eat the same amount of Cheerios

After we complete a mile, Jack, or Lila in this case, has to eat a Cheerio to help keep track of how many miles we have gone and how many we have left.  When Jack was just learning to count and do simple math, this was a great way to use manipulatives to help him actually see, and taste, the subtraction of miles.

running with kids1 (2) running with kids1 (3) running with kids1 (4)

Step 4: As you begin to reach the end of your set distance, begin asking the child to eat fractions of the last Cheerio, such as half and a quarter

When we start getting close to the end, I try to get him to think in terms of fractions, or decimals.  This is some higher level thinking for a four year old, but the Cheerios paired with the miles helps him to understand.  I tell him when we have 0.5 miles left that he has to eat half of a Cheerios.

running with kids1 (5)

Then, when we have 0.25 miles to go, I tell him to eat half of the half of the Cheerio.

running with kids1 (6)

Giving Jack and Lila this little activity helps to keep them engaged while we are running and they get a little snack too!

Step 5: Complete the Kindergarten Addition and Subtraction

Moving with Math assessment

Here is a sample assessment page from the Moving with Math lesson: