Introduction to Kindergarten Comparing Numbers

-Common Core Math CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.K.CC.C.6,7

Jack has become very interested in numbers recently.  One of the kindergarten comparing numbers Common Core standards states that the student should be able to “[i]dentify whether the number of objects in one group is greater than, less than, or equal to the number of objects in another group.”

You can find our 25-page pdf on this lesson at Greater Than or Less Than lesson.  The lesson contains a worksheet and assessment as well as a comprehensive lesson plan.

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greater than or less than3

Materials List for Kindergarten Comparing Numbers

bulletin board letters
Post-it notes
-various items of similar groupings (we used a group of Jack’s trains, a group of plastic bug toys, a group of minion toys, etc.)
Greater Than or Less Than lesson

Step 1: Download and complete the worksheets from the Greater Than or Less Than lesson

Here is a sample worksheet from the 25-page lesson:

greater than thumbnail 3

Step 2: Go over greater than or less than symbols using bulletin board letters and Post-It notes

I started out this lesson by teaching Jack what the greater than or less than signs looked like and how to use them.  We used bulletin board letters and Post-it notes on the wall to practice recognizing which number was greater than the other.  I told Jack to think of the symbol as “gobbling up” the larger number and “pointing” to the smaller number.

greater than or less than1

greater than or less than4

Step 3: Set up groups of various items for comparison

Once Jack had a good handle on the number practice, we started to compare groups of items.  We used his toys to make the hands-on project more meaningful to him.

Step 4: Write the number of items in each group on the Post-It notes and choose the correct symbol

I had him first count how many items were in the train group and write the answer with a marker on the Post-It.  Then he counted how many minions were in the other group and he wrote that number on the other Post-It.  Finally he picked the correct symbol to represent the relationship between the two groups.  Just to make it a little more fun, we took the symbol that wasn’t correct, crumpled it up and threw it behind us!

greater than or less than11  greater than or less than5

greater than or less than6  greater than or less than7

We continued with the project by comparing a group of dinosaurs and a group of bugs.

greater than or less than12  greater than or less than9

Then we compared a group of land animals and water animals.

greater than or less than13

Finally, we compared Jack’s hot dogs that he received when we did the Jack’s Weekly Commission Report project with monkeys he got in a monkeys in a barrel game.


Jack got a lot of practice in this lesson with writing his numbers as well as learning about comparing groups of numbers.  This was good because he is still learning to write a few numbers correctly, sometimes they come out backwards like Winnie the Pooh writes, it’s so cute, lol!

greater than or less than10

Step 5: Complete the assessment from the Greater Than or Less Than lesson

Here is a sample page from the assessment:

greater than thumbnail 4