Introduction to Kindergarten Counting Crayons

-Common Core Math K.CC.A.3,B.4.A-C.B.5

Jack has been pretty good at counting for awhile.  When he first learned to count to 20, he always skipped number 13, but he can go all the way to 100 now!  This Kindergarten Counting Crayons lesson helps students understand that when counting objects, each represents a number.

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Materials List for Kindergarten Counting Crayons

-paper cut into small pieces
-marker or pencil
Counting with Crayons lesson

We did more than just count crayons in this lesson. We manipulated the crayons to see if Jack really understood that each crayon represented a number and it didn’t matter what shape or design the crayons were in, they still each represented a certain number.  The full lesson plan, worksheets, and assessment for this project can be found at our Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Step 1:Download the Counting with Crayons lesson and complete the worksheets

Here is a sample page from our lesson:

counting with crayons thumbnail 3

Step 2: Write the numbers 1-20 on small pieces of paper and line up 20 crayons

counting-with-crayons-8-small counting-with-crayons-10-small

Step 3: Have the student place the numbered papers in order under each crayon

Here are some videos showing Jack putting the place cards under each crayon.

Please excuse Lila’s siren-like crying in this video, she woke up from her nap right when we were filming it.

Step 4: Change the shape of the crayons and have the student place the numbered papers underneath the crayons again

Now we changed the shape, let’s see if Jack thinks the new shape of crayons still has the same number as before…

Step 5: Change the shape again and take away some of the crayons, the student should notice that there are crayons missing

Step 6: Complete the assessment from the Counting with Crayons lesson

Here is a sample assessment page from the Counting with Crayons lesson:

counting with crayons thumbnail 4