Introduction to Kindergarten Counting in Sets

-Common Core Math K.CC.A.1

Jack recently became more interested in numbers and I wanted to teach him how to count to 100. I had some unhealthy snacks in the pantry I wanted to get rid of. I decided to help him represent the numbers 1-100 in sets of 10 on the poster board.  This Kindergarten Counting in Sets lesson covers one of the Kindergarten Counting and Cardinality Common Core Math standards.

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A really nice project to do as a follow up to this one is Counting on a Number Line.  You can find the full lesson plan, worksheets, and assessment for this project for FREE at this link: Learning to Count in Sets.

Materials List

glue sticks
poster board
poster board
-a lot of small items, we used tiny things like mini-marshmallows, teddy graham cookies, and brownie bites to represent each set of 10.
Learning to Count in Sets free pdf

Step 1: Download the Learning to Count in Sets free pdf and complete the worksheet

Here is a sample of our worksheet:


Step 2: Write the numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. until you reach 100, on the top of the poster board and glue the tiny items in columns below the numbers

As we glued the snacks down with our super cool Yoobi glue sticks onto our poster board, I asked Jack what number was represented at the bottom of each row.  He had a really easy time seeing that counting by 10’s is not that different than counting from 1-10, you just have to add a zero.


Step 3: Practice counting in sets up to 100 using the poster board and complete the assessment from the Learning to Count in Sets free pdf

Here is a sample of our assessment:


By the end of the project, he was able to visualize how much 100 really was and how you can count to 100 easily by breaking up the numbers into sets.