Introduction to Kindergarten Counting -Number Line

-Common Core Math K.CC.A.2

After completing Kindergarten Counting in Sets a few weeks ago, Jack has become much more interested in numbers and counting.  To teach about Kindergarten Counting, I made a really, really long number line so that Jack could not only learn to count to high numbers, but also practice writing the numbers as well as practice counting by twos, fives, and tens.


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You can find a full lesson plan, worksheets and assessment for this lesson here.

Materials List for Kindergarten Counting -Number Line

construction paper
-scrap paper
Counting on a Number Line Lesson

Step 1: Download the Counting on a Number Line lesson and complete the worksheets

Here is a sample of the worksheets from the lesson:

counting on a number line thumbnail 3

Step 2: Fold construction paper into thirds lengthwise and cut the pieces into strips

I started by folding and cutting a few pieces of construction paper into thirds lengthwise.



Step 3: Tape all the pieces of construction paper together to make a long, thin line

Here is what all the long papers look like taped together.


Step 4: Draw short lines at the bottom of the paper to represent the amount of numbers you want on your number line

Jack started writing his numbers on the lines beginning at 1. The lines I drew lines on the bottom of the paper were to help him space the numbers properly.

He was having some trouble writing a few numbers backwards and forgetting what some look like.


So I scaffolded his learning by writing the numbers he was having trouble with on a piece of paper for him to use as a reference. After he used this paper, I took it away and told him to reference his own numbers that he wrote when he was having trouble later on.


Here is the completed number line, we made it all the way to 112!


Here he is practicing writing his numbers to make the number line.

Step 5: Practice counting using your number line and complete the assessment from the Counting on a Number Line lesson

Here are sample assessment pages from the lesson:

counting on a number line thumbnail 4

Here we are using the number line to practice counting by twos, fives, and tens.

Here is Jack using the number line to count by twos.

We already counted by twos and fives, now we are practicing counting by tens.

Jack is excited here to review what we have learned!