Introduction to Kindergarten Geometry-Playing with Shapes

-Common Core Math K.G.A.3.B.5,6

This Playing with Shapes lesson came about because I was looking for a fun way to cover a few of the kindergarten geometry standards for the Common Core.  When I used to be a high school biology teacher, I had to cover the concept of surface area to volume ratios to explain how cells take in materials to survive.  I had my students make 3 different sized cubes to explore this concept.  Remembering how much fun my students had doing this, I decided to teach Jack how to make a 3-dimensional cube so that he could understand how it was different from one and two-dimensional objects.  As you can see in the pics, he had a great time making his cube and the other day, I went into our activity room and I found that Lila was using it as storage for her chalk!  So everybody wins with this lesson!

Playing with shapes10

The full lesson for this, which includes worksheets, assessments, and a comprehensive lesson plan, can be found in our Teachers Pay Teachers Store.   This is also a great lesson to complete in conjunction with Building Bridges and Road Signs.

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Materials List

construction paper
poster board (optional)
gum drops
Playing with Shapes 24-page lesson

Step 1: Download and complete the worksheets from the full lesson Kindergarten Geometry Playing with Shapes, or make your own larger worksheet on poster board

Here is a sample worksheet page from our lesson:

playing shapes thumbnail 2 

Here is the larger worksheet we made on poster board:

 Playing with shapes1  

Here is a video of me explaining how we will complete the worksheet:

It turns out Jack didn’t care about writing on the nice poster board, here are his answers:

Playing with shapes11

Step 2: Gather your materials for making the cube and either use the template in the Kindergarten Geometry Playing with Shapes or make your own template using the picture below

Playing with shapes2

Here are some pics of Jack cutting out the template for the cube, which has 6 boxes, all 2 inches each side.

Playing with shapes3 Playing with shapes4

Here is a video of us making our cube:

Playing with shapes5 Playing with shapes7

Here it is!!!


Step 3: Complete the assessment from the Kindergarten Geometry Playing with Shapes lesson, this will require toothpicks and gum drops

Here is a sample page from the assessment:

playing shapes thumbnail 3