Introduction to Kindergarten Measurement and Data -Classification


Wow! This Kindergarten Measurement and Data -Classification lesson was the last we had to do to cover EVERY one of the kindergarten Common Core math standards! This felt so good to complete, Jack was feeling just as accomplished as I was. So, what we did here was classify seashells to practice classifying items into groups based on similarities. As a bonus, we also made a shell collecting bag.

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shell classification7

Materials List

poster board
-collection of seashells
-green mesh bag from grocery store that holds lemons
duct tape
-Kindergarten Measurement and Data-Classification 24-page lesson

Step 1: Download and complete the worksheets in the Kindergarten Measurement and Data –Classification 24-page lesson

Here is a sample of the worksheets in the lesson:

shell class thumbnail 2

Step 2: Set-up and complete the shell classification hands-on project

Here is a picture of how we set up our classification poster board.

shell classification6

Here Jack is classifying the seashells based on their size.

shell classification8

Here Jack classified the shells based on their color.

shell classification9

Finally, Jack is classifying the shells by shape.  He is learning why it is important to clearly define your categories.

Step 3: Make your shell bag by recycling your mesh bag from the produce you recently bought

Begin by securing one end of the bag with duct tape.  Then run duct tape along the top edge and add a handle.

shell classification1  shell classification3

Step 4: Complete the assessment in the Kindergarten Measurement and Data -Classification lesson

Here is a sample from the assessment section of the lesson:

shell class thumbnail 3