Introduction to Kindergarten Shapes -Bridges and Road Signs

-Common Core Math K.G.A.1.2,B.4

I try to take advantage of Jack suddenly becoming interested in something new.  He started talking about bridges and signs a lot this past summer so I decided to run with this and make it a fun Kindergarten Shapes lesson.

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Materials List

construction paper
-Kindergarten Shapes –Building Bridges and Road Signs lesson

Step 1: Download the Kindergarten Shapes –Bridges and Road Signs Lesson and complete the worksheets

Because we studied a lot of shapes, this covered Jack’s enrichment for one of the kindergarten math Common Core geometry standards.  You can find the full lesson plan, worksheets, and assessment for this project at this link-Kindergarten Shapes –Bridges and Road Signs Lesson.

Here is a sample of the worksheets from the lesson:

bridges and road signs thumbnail 3

Step 2: Find a picture of a bridge you want to build, draw it, color it, cut it out and glue it together

We looked at a picture of the Verrazano Bridge on YouTube and copied it the best we could on construction paper and colored it with markers.  Then we cut it out and glued it together with our favorite glue from Yoobi.  Yoobi is an awesome company that gives school supplies to kids in need every time you buy supplies from them.

We also did the Golden Gate Bridge, but we didn’t have time to play with this one because when I turned my back, Lila ate it!


Step 3: Experiment with ways your bridge can be held up to ride cars over it

There are so many things he learned from exploring bridges and road signs that I didn’t even think of at first.  He learned about how the structure of the bridge helps to hold it up.  Here is is trying to get it to stand up so he could drive his cars over it in this picture.


Step 4: Find pictures of road signs, draw them, color them, cut them out and glue them together

We thought of all the road signs we see when driving around town and made some of them too.


Step 5: Discuss the shapes of the road signs and discuss the role the signs play in the community, complete the assessment in the Kindergarten Shapes –Bridges and Road Signs Lesson

Here is a sample page from the assessment:

bridges and road signs thumbnail 4

This was a great lesson on shapes and the amount of sides on different shapes.  It also helped Jack learn about the rules of driving, about how communities are set up, and how to recognize patterns.


A few days after doing this project, I was running with the kids in the jogging stroller and Jack noticed a stop sign and we explored how many sides it has and what the name of shape was.   This proved to me that the objectives of this Kindergarten Shapes lesson were met!